UCO Superflex (thickerboard)


UCO Superflex (thickerboard) is an autoclaved cellulose fibre cement flat board, creamy white in colour. It is an asbestos-free board with a smooth surface and a square edge.


It is tough and flexible, an ideal choice for many general building purposes, including ceiling, fascia board and wall partitioning, both internally and externally.

The thicker board is ideally use as decking, permanent formwork, flooring, secondary roofing and many more.


Tough yet flexible, it is unlikely to wrap, crack or split when installed correctly.

Durable, resilient to weather conditions. It has high impact resistance

Dimensionally stable, minimal moisture movement

Termite free, not affected by termite attacks. Does not rot unlike timber.

Rust proof unlike metal and it is UV resistant, does not become brittle unlike plastic materials.

Versatile in application. Accept a variety of surface finishes and suitable for all paint coatings.

Fire resistant, does not burn and physical properties not degraded by exposure to temperatures ranging from 0°c to 105°c

Water Resistant, immune to permanent water damage, rot free.

Environment friendly, green product, 100% asbestos free, non-hazardous to health

Virtually Maintenance-free, cost effective.