UCO Decoceil


UCO Decoceil patterned ceiling enlivens any interior decor with a classy look. Made from specially treated cellulose fibre, portland cement and refined sand, UCO Decoceil is an intricately patterned board that beautifies your ceiling. The stylish patterns are permanently ingrained to last for years. UCO Decoceil comes in three elegant patterns; Chemerah Plus, Forra Plus and Angkasa.
UCO Decoceil is so versatile, it accepts any surface finish. It is also asbestos and termite free.


Dimension (mm) Nominal Weight (kg)
1220 x 610 x 3.2 3.6
1220 x 1220 x 3.2 7.2


Attractive, blends beautifully into any design as ceilings and external soffits. And gives a distinctive touch of class to your interior decor

Durable, tough yet flexible. Resilient to weather conditions. It is unlikely to wrap, crack or split.

Excellent Quality, permanent ingrained patterns ensure years of beauty and performance

Dimensionally stable, minimal moisture movement

Termite free, unlike timber product that susceptible to termite attacks.

Fire resistant, does not burn and physical properties not degraded by exposure to temperatures ranging from 0°c to 105°c

Environment friendly, green product, 100% asbestos free, non-hazardous to health

Maintenance-free, easy and quick to install cost effective



Timber nail-on application:

3.2mm thick “UCO Decoceil – (the confirm pattern)” asbestos free cellulose fibre cement ceiling panel as described with 3mm butt joint in 610mm x 1220mm panel set out symmetrically from the centre of the room, fixed on pressure treated grade ‘B’ timber ceiling joints and nogging at 610mm centres, with 75mm x 38mm wall plate at wall junction and 38mm x 12mm beading with rounded edges.


Exposed Aluminium Grid Suspension application:

Exposed grid suspended ceiling system consisting of 593mm x 1193mm x 3.2mm thick UCO Decoceil – (the confirm pattern) asbestos free fibre cement boards lay on top of main runner spaced at 1200mm centres supported by suspension rods at 1200mm maximum. Centres with suspension clips, cross runner are locked into the main runner at 600mm centres and the perimeter is finished with wall angle, all fixing is in according to manufacturer’s instruction and recommendation or another approved equivalent.